Wallet Solution SwissBorg Presents The Safest Way To Store Crypto

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The need for safety cannot be overemphasized in a crypto market such as this. With recent events such as Celsius halting withdrawals and transfers, it has become imperative to protect user funds. This is why having safe solutions such as SwissBorg to store, trade, and yield are important. With such a product, crypto investors can be rest assured that their stored funds are safe, and in the event of a bankruptcy, hack, or a scam, they can still access their digital assets.

Saving With SwissBorg

SwissBorg provides the safest wallet, trading, and yielding solution for crypto investors. Users are able to rest easy knowing that at the helm of this product is a group of finance and technology specialists committed to democratizing wealth management.

Instead of picking and choosing between centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi), it merges the best of these two spaces to make wealth management fun, transparent, and community-focused.

An important part of the SwissBorg model is what makes up its treasury. Instead of jumping the gun and putting the majority of its treasury in cryptocurrencies, two-thirds are held in both fiat and stablecoins. This way, it ensures that there is financial stability to a high degree. The rest of its treasury, it only invests in ‘lower-risk’ cryptocurrencies. These include top market movers such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, alongside the ‘$CHSB’ tokens.

The $CHSB tokens are primarily used by SwissBorg to provide financing for the CHSB Yield 2.0 and reward the team. However, a portion is held by the platform in its treasury to serve as a rainy-day fund if necessary.

SwissBorg’s structure ensures that users always have access to their funds no matter what happens to the platform. It does this by separating user funds from corporate funds, which is enforced by the ‘Virtual Currency License’ it holds.

Safety First, Always

For SwissBorg, the safety of the clients always comes first. This is why it has partnered with one of the largest custody providers in the world, Fireblocks, to help secure the platform. It does this by using MPC keyless technology and advanced cryptography to secure users’ assets and personal data.

The platform possesses multiple risk management strategies and reliable budgeting practices, both of which helped it avoid any exposure to UST and stay clear of the inevitable crash.

Back in 2021, multiple trusted white hat hackers were engaged to carry out a penetration test on the platform. SwissBorg passed this test with flying colors. This improved its trust and safety among crypto investors.

SwissBorg’s goal is to create a platform built on safety, dependability, and transparency. This is why its treasury only consists of cryptocurrencies that have proven themselves, although it does support altcoins.

As for the bear market, the SwissBorg has put contingency plans in place to hedge against further downtrends. It plans to help rebuild the trust and confidence of crypto investors, while simultaneously educating them that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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