October – Work Progress Report

No-fee Payments for ETH Mining

This month we’ve launched the new payout system in our Ethereum pools. It allows our users get the payments for Ethereum mining without paying any fees. We prepared the posts about this new system in 5 languages: English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian. However, the system is extremely easy-to-use.

Gas price in Ethereum recently is very high and our system benefits from it actually. All our miners get extra-rewards for big blocks in Ethereum. This month we’ve seen 187.5 ETH for 1 block in POOL and 194.3 ETH for 1 block in SOLO.



This month we’ve also seen the blocks with a lot of MEV included. We distribute all these rewards among our miners. Here you could see 2 ETH, 5 ETH and even 16.8 ETH MEV per 1 block. You could always check this information on the pool blocks page.



All our miners get these rewards ⬆️⬆️⬆️ but they could also save on payment processing. We offer our miners 3 coins for payments receiving: ETH, BTC, NANO.

For the time being ETH payments cost $12, BTC $0.05 and NANO payments are free.

Many users have already selected BTC/NANO payments. To date, we got 7698 miners miners who use BTC and 7466 miners who use NANO payments out of total 56K miners in Ethereum pool. That means that almost 30% users have chosen the new payout system and it all has happened in less than 3 weeks!



Unlocking LHR Video Cards

Our team is constantly monitoring the hardware and software trends and updates. This month we’ve released 2 posts on how to achieve the maximum hashrate and profitability on so-called Lite Hash Rate (LHR) video cards.



All the latest versions of the mining software could be always found in our Quick Start Archive. The password is 2miners
The archive includes the ready-to-go bat-files too. All you need to do is to specify your wallet address.

This November we plan to release even more material on LHR unlocking topic.

FiroPoW – The New FIRO Mining Algorithm

Firo hard fork was succesfully performed on October 26.

New mining algorithm for FIRO is called FiroPoW. It is based on the ProgPoW algo that was originally built for the Etherum network but it seems it would never be implemented there.

Here is how to set the mining software.
For Nvidia choose T-Rex miner. The bat-file example is below.

t-rex -a firopow -o stratum+tcp://firo.2miners.com:8181 -u aPGQDJrbcGGpThJ5xLT3SPhVftVsgqcvxR.RIG_ID -p x

For AMD choose TeamRedMiner. The bat-file example is below.

teamredminer.exe -a firopow -o stratum+tcp://firo.2miners.com:8181 -u aPGQDJrbcGGpThJ5xLT3SPhVftVsgqcvxR.RIG_ID -p x

All details in our post Firo (ZCoin) Hard Fork. New Algorithm – FiroPoW. How to Prepare?

POOL: firo.2miners.com
SOLO: solo-firo.2miners.com

The hashrates for many GPUs are similar to the hashrates on KawPoW algorithm used by Ravencoin. FIRO profitability could be always found on 2CryptoCalc.com

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