Nonprofit Bitcoin For Fairness Announces Travel to Zimbabwe, Zambia

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Founder Anita Posch will also travel to Nigeria and Latin America later this year to further Bitcoin education, human-rights activism, and privacy.

  • Bitcoin For Fairness announces travel plans to Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • BFF helps people in emerging countries learn basic financial literacy, as well as best practices for spending, saving and using bitcoin.
  • The initiative connects entrepreneurs, activists, and developers to assist people in emerging countries take back their privacy and freedom.

Nonprofit organization Bitcoin For Fairness (BFF), founded in January by Bitcoin educator and author Anita Posch with the intention of furthering Bitcoin awareness and education worldwide, shared a breakdown of its upcoming plans with Bitcoin Magazine.

Posch’s advocacy work in 2022 will include traveling to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Nigeria, and Latin America to work with educators and activists on the ground to shed light on and teach people about the unique opportunities enabled by Bitcoin. This month, she will travel to Zimbabwe’s capital Harare and to Zambia’s capital Lusaka to help bridge the gap between those with lesser opportunities and their rights to privacy and freedom.

“Bitcoin might be our only tool to secure the human right to privacy and freedom of transaction,” Posch said in a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine. “It’s a medium of liberation for billions of people and a defense mechanism for privacy in our ever more digital lives.”

BFF will teach people how to spend, save, earn, and cash-out their bitcoin, be it for long-term wealth or daily purchasing of goods, through workshops offered in grass-roots campaigns with entrepreneurs, developers, activists and other Bitcoin enthusiasts. The organization said it will report from the ground through videos, podcasts, a newsletter, and its website.

With their stated plan of action for Zimbabwe, Anita and the BFF plan to give a talk and a hands-on workshop at The Impact Hub in Harare; meet with Bitcoin users, communities, and human rights activists in the area; and visit St. Anne’s school, which reopened in 2020 afer international bitcoin donations facilitated by Posch helped stage its revival. The organization will also visit Nhimbe Fresh in Marondera, a Sun Exchange solar power crowdfunding project that pays out earnings in BTC.

During its stay in Zambia, BFF plans to hold a speech at the University of Zambia in Lusaka, speak at the Crypto Tamanga community event, meet with activists and Bitcoiners, and attend a few media appearances on radio and television.

Posch received a 0.5 BTC donation from the HRF earlier this year to start BFF and report from emerging countries, connect and boost the profile of local stakeholders, and identify and work with educators on the ground to expand Bitcoin adoption locally and awareness globally.

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