January – Work Progress Report

January Work Progress Report

January Work Progress Report

Cryptocurrency Node Updates

This month the developers of many coins released the new software versions. Some updates were previously scheduled. Other releases were required to solve the emergency situations that happened with the networks of these coins. For example in January FLUX node was updated multiple times because of the constant network problems. ERGO network also got some issues.

This is the list of the most important updates and the current versions of the node software installed.

  • Firo v0.14.9.4-g82a9a564c
  • ETC CoreGeth/v1.12.6-stable-20d20d72
  • ZEC v4.6.0-1
  • CORTEX v1.10.30-stable-67e7700
  • Ergo Protocol Reference Client
  • Flux v5.2.0-e4f7588

Ravencoin Halving

Ravencoin (RVN) halving happened at block 2 100 000 on January 11th. The block reward is now 2500 RVN only. It was 5000 RVN before. That means all the miners get two times less reward now.



2CryptoCalc was updated.

Ethereum Pool News

We’ve increased the number of PPLNS shares from 300 000 to 1 000 000 for the Ethereum PPLNS Pool.



This will not change your daily reward anyhow. This should just help the small miners with a low hashrate (for example a single video card) to participate in a larger amount of blocks. How does PPLNS pool reward system works?

2Miners Ethereum pool found a lot of BIG blocks in January. For example 83.65 ETH per block on January 12th, 79.82 ETH on January 15th, 75.55 ETH on January 29th and many more.

All the mining World was shocked by the 170.65 ETH block in our SOLO pool.



New Mining Software

The quick start archive with the mining software has been updated. It includes the latest versions of the most popular programs for Windows OS and the ready-to-go bat-files for each of the coins available on 2Miners.com. The archive contains:

  • gminer 2.75
  • t-rex 0.24.8
  • lolminer 1.42
  • teamredminer 0.9.0

You could always download the archive using the link below. It is also presented on the help page of the pool.

The archive password is 2miners

New Languages in Telegram Bot

2Miners Telegram Pool Monitoring Bot is now translated into 5 languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish.



Our bot is one of the best ways to monitor your mining rig activity. It could be also very convenient for the SOLO miners who rent the hashpower as the bot could notify you about the new blocks found by your rigs.

We welcome you to join our miner community in Telegram or one of the local chats in Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Chinese.

Remember to follow us on Twitter to get all the news as soon as possible.

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