January 2023 Work Progress Report: New API for CTXC, FIRO Wallet Problem

January Work Progress Report

Cortex New API

We updated the Cortex (CTXC) mining pool. Now it uses the latest API version. That makes the work of our services and third-party applications faster. Moreover, this means that the new statistics pages are available for Cortex.


Now each miner has detailed hashrate statistics and share statistics. You are also able to change the payout threshold in the CTXC pool.

You may need to clear your browser cache with Shift+Ctrl+R to see the update.

POOL: ctxc.2miners.com
SOLO: solo-ctxc.2miners.com

ERGO Block Rewards

The block reward of Ergo blockchain dropped from 45 ERG to 42 ERG.


2CryptoCalc calculator was updated.

You could find the detailed information on ERGO emission on the official ERGO post.

FIRO Wallet Problem

We experienced a problem with the FIRO wallet. For some reason, the wallet doesn’t allow us to spend the mined coins and we are not able to process the payments. FIRO developers are aware of this bug and they are helping us to solve the issues asap.

We are able to submit some payments from our own funds at a slow pace, so you might see some Firo payments going.

We’ve changed the wallet to a new type and right now we are waiting for the solution from FIRO developers that unblocks the funds on the old wallet. When the FIRO issue is resolved, we process all the pending payments immediately.

BEAM Delisting from Binance

Binance delisted BEAM coin on January, 26. BEAM deposits are not credited to Binance anymore. We are not able to recover your funds or transfer the unpaid balance from one wallet address to another one (see FAQ).

If you still mine to a Binance BEAM wallet, please change it immediately!

If you mine BEAM the best way is to use the official BEAM desktop or mobile wallet software so you always hold the private keys from your wallet and control your funds.


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