How to Set Up Antminer E9 Pro to Mine ETC, ETHW or CLO


Antminer E9 Pro Hashrate

Antminer E9 Pro has a hashrate of 3 680 MH/s on Ethash and Etchash algorithms and consumes 2200 W. This is the most powerful and most efficient Bitmain Ethereum miner so far.


The hashrate of this single ASIC is as high as 30 top-range Nvidia 3080Ti graphics cards. The information on the released quantities of this beast was not disclosed by the manufacturer so it is hard to predict if these machines could affect the Ethash/Etchash algorithm mining profitability.

What to Mine on Antminer E9 Pro

It is not possible to mine Ethereum since the “Merge” the so-called switch to Proof-of-Stake. However, there are other coins on the Ethereum algorithm Ethash that are still mined such as Ethereum PoW (ETHW) or Callisto (CLO). There is also a possibility to mine Ethereum Classic which uses the slightly different mining algorithm Etchash.

Let’s enter the ASIC hashrate (3680) into Etchash and Ethash fields on the mining calculator. The calc will show the profitability prediction.


Ethereum PoW is now the most profitable coin for this miner. You could get $10.25/day not taking into account the consumed electricity costs. Ethereum Classic and Callisto’s profitability is slightly lower. However, we highly recommend you check the profitability from time to time as it could change depending on the cryptocurrency prices and hashing power participating in the mining of each of the coins.

Antminer E9 Pro Settings

Go to the settings tab. You don’t need to change the mining algorithm, no matter if you mine Etchash or Ethash. The correct settings could be always found on the help page of each mining pool: ETC, ETHW, CLO.


Save the settings and ASIC would start. Please wait patiently as it could take up to 30 minutes for Antminer E9 Pro to generate the DAG file and start mining.

ETC Setup

Miner Name: ETC_wallet_address
Password: x

ETHW Setup

Miner Name: ETHW_wallet_address
Password: x


Miner Name: CLO_wallet_address
Password: x

As soon as mining starts you see the shares accepted by the pool.


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