How Bitcoin And Its Ideals Are Revolutionizing Our Food Consumption

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The Beef Initiative aims to replicate the superiority of decentralization in the food supply, the same way Bitcoin addresses the woes of monetary centralization.

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I felt truly lucky having had a conversation with Texas Slim on the food supply, Bitcoin and the Beef Initiative. It’s almost as if I’m privy to a revolution quietly growing among our communities: a food revolution.

As people’s eyes are opened in regards to the centralization of our money supply, so too will their eyes open in regards to the centralization of the food supply, Slim explained. It was his own journey down the Bitcoin rabbit hole that coincided with his journey down the food rabbit hole. After learning about how he can connect ranchers to consumers, and how that can improve not only community relations, but eliminate the regression in our food supply, it became his mission. Be sure to check out his contact information below if you’re interested in participating in the Beef Initiative, and to give the full podcast a listen — it’s worth it!

1. How were you first introduced to Bitcoin?

I was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2017 the day Tom Petty died. I didn’t go down the rabbit hole. I was laid up with a critical internal injury in 2019. I was laid up for six months. I began to study Bitcoin and at the same time I began to study our nutrition and the industrial food complex. My journey down the bitcoin rabbit hole has been symbiotic with my rabbit hole into the corrupt food supply

2. What is the Beef Initiative and why is it important?

With a currency that has lost its value, the same food industry that feeds a nation has lost the same value. The Beef Initiative (TBI) is the new form of food intelligence that local communities need to leverage. TBI is a powerful tool to utilize and is a new form of proof of work when we take the responsibility of taking care of our personal nutrition and especially our children’s health and strength of mind, body and spirit.

3. What’s the most important thing for people to understand about the food supply in our world today?

The industrial food complex is nothing more than a high-powered marketing campaign that is driven by a false commodity market that has nothing to do with your health but the control of your perception of what real food is. This fact is proven each day by the reflection of the health of our nation. Our health is compromised and it is time to step up and make the needed changes as individuals and as community members. Your children’s first introduction into food is controlled by a chemical company.

4. What are some small steps people can take to reclaim sovereignty as you often describe on your Twitter?

The very first step into regaining strength and sovereignty is to sourcing your food in a decentralized manner. To do this, you need to meet your local rancher and shake his hand. Look him in the eye and say, “Thank You! How can I support you and will you please educate me on what you do and how you do it?”

Tell them, “I want to learn and I want to teach you about a new store of value. I want to educate you on a path to sovereignty that your grandfather knew but did not have access to.”

After you have become a trusted friend and customer, each and every Bitcoiner has the responsibility to serve those who feed us and those who we trust. TBI is providing a concierge service for each and every rancher, farmer, animal protein provider and yes, even those in the whole and pure produce market. We are educators as well!

5. What’s the primary change for the world you want to see come out of the adoption of Bitcoin?

Strength in love and spirit. The rest takes care of itself!

6. What are you most looking forward to in the Bitcoin space?

Meeting my next friend.

7. How can people connect to you if they’re looking to get involved?

On my Twitter, the TBI Twitter or our own platform.

8. If you could have everyone in the world hear one thing, what would you say?

It’s time to go toe to toe with anyone who does not respect your right to personal sovereignty. It starts with a new form of food intelligence that is the new rule of law of nutrition. It is the pathway to save a generation of kids who deserve a better chance of innocence and strength.

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