Bringing Entertainment on the Blockchain: Introducing CUBE 2.0 and its Ecosystem Partners

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If there is one thing that current blockchains lack, it is entertainment ecosystems. The entertainment industry, valued at $2.2 trillion, has the largest combined audience of any sector. And bringing that on the blockchain can open up tremendous opportunities and benefits for the masses. CUBE is one such project bringing entertainment to the blockchain through its P2E metaverse setting. It is a game Launcher for P2E games developed by Netmarble F&C, Inc. Netmarble is the company behind popular titles including “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross” and “Blade & Soul: Revolution.”

This platform allows players to enjoy all P2E games on a single platform. Furthermore, it values and promotes player experience with optimized crypto game features. The best part, however, is its ecosystem partners of CUBE. The platform is one of the few projects to partner with some of the biggest names in Web2 and Web3. In addition, it is backed by some of the top-notch crypto investors and projects.

An All-in-One Play-to-earn Platform

CUBE is a gaming marketplace for P2E games. It curates the best P2E games with player-friendly features optimized explicitly for users. One can easily download the application on any device to begin playing games on the platform. It also allows players to purchase NFTs (in-game items) and trade them on its NFT marketplace with other players to earn crypto.

Moreover, the platform includes DeFi services like liquidity and staking pools where players can earn passive income. The CUBE wallet is the platform’s gateway for accessing all DeFi services, including storage of NFTs and crypto. Further, its DEX facilitates the swapping of game tokens to the platform’s native token $ITAMCUBE. The platform, ultimately, is an all-in-one blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Beyond that, the platform creates gaming guilds and provides services like auto-translation chat and live streaming. It is an ecosystem where users can experience the best gaming environment setup while learning about new games. As part of its mission to power Web3 gaming, the platform is set to launch its first game, Golden Bros. It will be a strategic PvP battle game where players can earn for winning contests.

The platform’s roadmap also includes The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin and 10+ games to be released on the app. The overall ecosystem will be powered by the $ITAMCUBE token, which will have a variety of utilities across the ecosystem.

The Strength and Support: CUBE 2.0’s Ecosystem Partners

If the P2E component is one of CUBE’s strengths, the project’s ecosystem partners are another. The project has collaborated with some of the best Webtoon studios, innovation companies, game development firms, entertainment studios, and crypto exchanges. CUBE has partnered with over 30 firms to bring their vision of the P2E ecosystem to life. Redice, Kidari Studio is two well-known webtoon content powerhouses supporting the platform. Unity Technologies is a video game development company behind CUBE games.

Moreover, leading the innovation aspects are Megabox, a multiplex cinema chain, and Music, which is the world’s first music copyright investment platform. Further, Studio Lululala and H&Entertainment are some popular entertainment agencies backing the project. Adding the crypto flavors are Binance,, Kucoin, and And giving the platform marketing push are BY4M and Next player, leaders in marketing and market trend analysis.

Many partner ecosystems have contributed to the platform’s growth: Hyperithm, AhnLab Blockchain Company, KICA, and THE CAMP. Bluemotion, Flint, Floppy Games, chorokbaem, Tableone, CAST, Ace Factory, Taewon Entertainment, and D-Origin are some of them.

Building a Single Unified P2E Space

CUBE’s vision is to build a single one-stop solution for P2E lovers. With services like DeFi, NFTs, and P2E, the platform aims to create a robust blockchain gaming ecosystem. While the platform’s initial offerings will include entertaining games, the platform also intends to provide broadcasts, webtoons, and dramas for people of all ages. It plans to become the go-to entertainment solution in Web3. The only industry that can attract the masses is entertainment, and CUBEaspires to make this happen to Web3.

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