Bitcoin-Only Exchange Relai To Donate Portion Of Revenue To UNICEF

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Relai, a bitcoin-only savings and investment app, is using a referral program to donate up to 50% of referred transactions to humanitarian organization UNICEF.

  • Relai, a bitcoin-only exchange based in Switzerland, is donating up to 50% of its revenue to humanitarian-aid organization UNICEF on qualifying transactions.
  • Humanitarian efforts will focus toward improving female participation in the tech industry at a young age for poverty and conflict-affected communities, as well as Ukrainian support.
  • “Bitcoin is an incredibly useful tool for mobilizing humanitarian aid on a large scale”, said Relai CEO, Julian Liniger, in a statement.

Relai, a bitcoin-only exchange focused on providing accessible savings and investment opportunities for a new generation of investors in Europe, is launching a donation initiative to the humanitarian organization UNICEF’s Switzerland and Liechtenstein projects, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

“At Relai we’re extremely passionate about the future of tech and the generations of women who will work within it,” Julian Liniger, CEO and founder of Relai, said in the release.

A percentage of the revenue brought into Relai through bitcoin transactions will be donated to poverty and conflict-affected communities by constructing new schools, providing further teaching mechanisms to educators in the area, and the allocation of free meals in the areas for young girls to further their education. The intention is to improve female representation in the male-led tech industry.

“That’s why we’re supporting female education from its earliest stage, giving women the tools to pursue the career they choose and break into male-dominated spaces – whether that be in STEM, fintech or the bitcoin industry specifically.” Liniger further explains in the release.

While Relai is a Bitcoin-only company, it’s extending its focus beyond Bitcoin-only problems as it strives to improve female participation in the entire tech industry. Similarly, its humanitarian efforts in the UNICEF collaboration also go beyond a single objective.

“We’re also extremely aware that there are a great many other injustices going on in the world right now, which is why we’ve committed to working with UNICEF on multiple projects globally, including the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine,” Liniger said.

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in humanitarian circles around the world with events like the invasion of Ukraine showcasing the need for the public to have access to a sovereign form of money.

“Bitcoin is an incredibly useful tool for mobilizing humanitarian aid on a large scale, and we hope that by using it as a rapid and secure conduit for funds, we can play even a small part in harnessing its unique power for good.” Says Liniger.

UNICEF’s CEO Bettina Junker also commented on the upcoming partnership, saying, “We are truly grateful that Relai has chosen to support UNICEF in advancing the education and empowerment of underprivileged girls, as well as safeguarding children and families in Ukraine. The donations will make an important difference.”

The donation is achieved through a simple referral code where the person referred gets a 0.5% reduction in transaction fees and the referrer receives up to 50% revenue share for each transaction utilizing the referral code. Relai then donates up to 50% of its revenue from every opted-in referral transaction to UNICEF programs.


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