Top 5 Websites To Earn Free Bitcoin Online

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Breaking Crypto News: Bitcoin has been hovering around the all-time high price for quite some time now, and I’m going to tell you some new ways you can earn free Bitcoin every hour.

We are going over some of the highest-paying websites that I’ve been able to find. And the best part is that they are all available worldwide and completely beginner-friendly. 

Additionally, no previous experience is needed in order to make this work and generate some profits. That means we have basically eliminated the learning process and you can just jump into it and start earning money right after reading this article:

Featurepoints have paid over five million dollars to their users since 2012. That means they have been in the business for at least eight years and people from all around the world have been able to make some serious profits using their app. 

You would have to download the app on your mobile phone. Fortunately, this is available for both iOS and Android users. That means you can get it on both App Store and Google Play store. 

Basically, you will have to complete some very simple micro-tasks that don’t take more than a few minutes of your time. They will provide you with all of the services that you can complete for free. And you can also earn points for downloading apps. They’re basically going to require you to download some apps and try them out and they will reward you for that.

But an additional feature that I absolutely love is the fact that you can get a part of your cash back for any purchase that you make with any of their partners. That means you will get a certain percentage of your money back whenever you purchase an item at one of these stores.

The best part is that they will give you that amount of money in Bitcoin so you can keep it in your Bitcoin wallet. And if the price of it goes even higher, you will make some extra profits. Bitcoin is also a withdrawal option on this website.

Cointiply can act as a Bitcoin faucet or as a website or an app where you complete micro tasks in order to earn some extra cash. They also make the process very straightforward and beginner-friendly here. The first step is signing up. Then you would have to complete these tasks that will reward you in points.

You also have offers that you can complete in order to earn some extra points. Also, you can take advantage of the surveys and watch those videos and earn some extra credits that way. And eventually, once you hit the minimum threshold, you are also able to withdraw your money in free Bitcoin straight into your Bitcoin wallet.

Another important feature worth mentioning is their affiliate program that will give you 25% whenever you refer a friend and they start earning moneys well. As far as I know, unfortunately, this is only available for Android users but available worldwide.

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Using this website, you can complete surveys there to get some extra cash. You can also move over to the content subsection here and take advantage of the slide shows and so on to earn some extra bitcoin.

In other words, these are all tasks that you can complete in a few seconds of your time because you are virtually trading your time for money here now. Another section that is worth taking into account is the off-the-wall section where you can basically watch all of these different ads in order to get some extra cash on the website.

They also hold contests every single week in order to give some extra cash to the users of the website. The first place wins 250$.

Most people use Latium for freelance jobs. That means freelancers provide a certain service in exchange for a certain cryptocurrency of their choice and you will have to sign up to get started. 

The website displays a lot of different projects that you can involve yourself in. Now, some of them are going to require a certain level of skill that you can definitely monetize on and get some extra Bitcoin that way. 

You can also browse through a bunch of different surveys for absolutely free without any experience or knowledge about a certain subject or field of activity. And you can also go over to the filter section to display projects that will pay you in free Bitcoin.

And finally, there is Coinbase. And I have saved this one for last because I believe it might be the most important one. You need to have a Bitcoin wallet, and an internet service to take advantage of all the offers. 

To get started, you have to sign up and verify your account. Eventually, you will be provided with your own unique Bitcoin wallet address that you can use to earn cash from even the other websites. 

There is also a section where you can also earn while you learn more about all listed cryptocurrencies on the website. Basically, you only have to start the courses and once you finish them, you will answer a few questions about that cryptocurrency and your wallet will be credited.

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